Photos from the Sprout 2002 tree planting weekend.
Photos from the Harley Wood Winter School and the ASA meeting in 2002 (coutesy Arna), and here (courtesy Aidan).
Photos of my cats are continually being added here. Some more (in fact, not just cat photos) may be added on my ADSL account (slowish), now that I have a digital camera.
Some photos of the city of Melbourne from our 4th floor at astrophysics. We occasionally get beautiful sunsets - caused by all that wonderful smog over the city.
Photos of my 3 week January 2002 trip to Tasmania.
Down below our building, a vespa was always parked before being totalled by some moron in a 4WD. It belongs to one of the astronomers. A very impressive bike, the accessories allegedly cost as much as the bike itself.
On the same vein, my bike (actually, the big bosses) was totalled by some morons in a stolen car.
Some photos of telescopes I have worked at. Narrabri and Parkes.
Some photos of Mt Stromlo Observatory a couple of weeks after burning down.

Agostino Renda B&W Photography:
Mike/Craig/Tim drinking at Gertrudes: Mikes farewell/Xmas party 2003
Me at work
Me still at work
(On this theme, silly work photograph for our picture board (Ago not responsible for this):

Photos from my graduation at Usyd:
Drew and Tim
Me and degree
Kate and I
Mum and I
Me in front of Great Hall

Amaya's 27th (?) birthday party at the start of the year:
amaya's birthday party 1
amaya's birthday party 2
amaya's birthday party 3

Some photos of the house I will be in for the next 6 months or so:
cold morning
house (front)
house (back)
The mess gods
My air conditioner at start of 2004. Yes, that's a bucket of water with a hole in it, suspended by tripod over a car 12V high powered fan, blowing water into the room.

Our ASA "conference" at the end of June. The weather was very un-winter like:
mollymook - Swinburne cluster
mollymook - beach view
batemans bay sunset
batemans bay sunset (nice contrast)

And work, in various forms:
And finally, my office, on one of its cleaner days.
And contrary to popular opinion, I do actually work sometimes.
Fear my desk when this happens!
No Americans. Lots of Europeans though.

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