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Who am I? I am doing a PhD project in astrophysics within the cosmology group at Swinburne University - Galactic Cannabilism in the Local Universe (Brad Gibson and Daisuke Kawata are supervisors). I was born in Adelaide, and did my honours at Sydney University. A photo of me.

The best part of this project, apart from being able to work on Swinburne's supercomputer, is that I get to live in wonderful Melbourne. A nice 3 bedroom house (which actually has another inhabitant now, other than myself and my cute fluffy toys that keep practicing their vowels - "aeiou") in the arse end of town -- Chadstone to be precise.

Some contact details for work.

Now that my 24nd birthday has come and gone, you can start thinking of my 25st: my christmas/birthday wishlist.

I have some links to code I wrote. Pretty much all of this should be be under the GPL license, unless I make a note otherwise. I really should make that formal one day...

Some general photos

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