My puddy-tats

TimC's first puddy-tat is named Phred Phang Klah (Freddy for short). He was bought on Sat 11/5/02, at the ripe old age of ~ 10 weeks. He is a siamese-balinese cross, but the breeders didn't know whether he would inherit the longish hair of the Balinese, because this is their first time (he didn't, but his short coat is just beautiful). He had one brother, and about 6 sisters, most of which were lilac coloured - he is seal-point.

On 2 May, 2003, I bought Purrple (why so named? Because she is white, of course (and purrs a lot)! :) from the same breeders. They are Chinchilla breeders, when not experimenting with asian cats, and this one is a shaded silver. She was born 1 year and 3 days after Phreddie was - 27/2/03. She was 8 weeks old.

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These photos taken 15 May 2002, using a digital camera. For more photos, see here and here and here and here and here...

I'm hungry!

Hey! I remember this box. It was the one that was in that big scary loud car thingy!
Oooh, small boxy thing which I can stay in! If I wanted to, but he has sussed me out, so I will go hide in the fridge compressor instead.
I'm so cute and small!
Mmmm, tasty fingers!
His beard is so nice to sit on

I like my boy!
I'm hiding. You can't see me!

Food bowls are overrated!

I need to sharpen my claws on his pants
He's a tree!
Bright flashy thing!
Can I hit it?
Let me go! I want to hit it!
Ooh, dis is fun!

Ssssh, I am hunting wabbits!
I still like my boy!

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