Welcome to Tim's ad-hoc website

My github collection.
My curated, better quality photos are hosted on flickr, and movies on youtube.
  — A more complete, but lower quality repository of all digital photos (no scanned analogue photos yet) that didn't necessarily survive the editing process.
The weather (and trends) that my backyard in Coburg North is experiencing

The rest of this page is like a snapshot of the year 2001. Those were heady times.

A very minimal collection of scripts that I've found a need at some point to share online that didn't warrant their own github repo. It would be cool if this was a collection of the 1065 files in my ~home/bin directory and 1040 of those files weren't created without any semblance of software engineering practices a good fraction of 2 decades ago.
My postgrad publications and thesis, merely lukewarm off the typesetter.
A snapshot of my Postgrad webpages.
Uni projects and my honours thesis.
Some of my pictures from hiking in Tasmania in 2001
A typical screenshot May 2001, September 2001, April 2008, July 2019 while I'm pretending to work